Is Opinion Real?

People often feel the urge to express their opinion on a subject, on people. They often do this with a level of apparent conviction which is at odds with the “data set” from which they have drawn their opinion. Others rely on this dodgy thing called opinion.

For example, there are loads of people discussing the efficacy of various vaccines. How many of these have read the scientific papers? The British press are saying that it is not fair that the Astra Zeneca vaccine hasn’t been approved for use in the over 65s in Europe and opining that the EU is jealous. It is a bizarre version of Chinese whispers; somebody hears something or even reads it and then is an instant expert. The instant expert heads for the nearest soap box so that we can all benefit from their expertise.

When the Russians first announced Sputnik V, there was much scepticism. Here is the front page of the recent article in The Lancet. It looks pretty kosher to me.

I am sure that many people have had opinions about me over the years. They may have shared these elements of fiction and that has had consequences for my life. This imaginary, made up thing, may have altered the course of my life.

Is opinion real? Is it a measurable phenomenon of the universe? Or is it something that exists only in the minds of men, in their imagination?

Do you rely on the opinion of others?

If so, why?

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