35 toads, 2 dogs and a mole.

Today things are pretty hectic we have the plumber in trying to get the kitchen ready for the installer. We could not get the stopcock to work, but thanks to the magic of WD40 he did.  There are two young people trimming our 3-meter-high yew hedges. It is pretty noisy.

Over the last few days, we have been visited by two dogs of unknown provenance. They come in off the river and scavenge under the bird tables. I don’t know if they are wild or just live downstream of us. One of them is a hunting dog, the smaller one, who is black and possibly boss isn’t.

I continued my toad survey. The numbers peaked at 35 and there is much activity going on, the poor females get gang banged. We have our first strings of toad eggs starting to appear. Which means tadpoles. So far, no sign of the return of the otters.

Yesterday I dug up my 11 mole traps. One of them was hard to budge, it had trapped Moley.  This means that our investment in a few euros worth of traps has paid off. The professional charges 150 a pop. So now at the first mole sign I am ready to spring into action.

It is a splendid sunny day here and we have first yellow, the daffodils have started flowering on the “football pitch”, the ones by the “bowl” will soon follow. We have first purple, a crocus by the kitchen window. Spring is on its way…