Cunning Plans and Karmic Boomerangs

In some quarters people like the notion of cunning plans, with which they outwit another being.

These cunning plans are devised so as to conceal, manipulate and avoid responsibility. They are designed to hide, they may even involve direct lying and the keeping of secrets. They can be as obvious as a fake insurance claim or they could be much more subtle. In general, cunning plans are not honest, open and inclusive. Cunning plans most often pertain to the dark side. They nearly always contain some measure of getting one over on another being. Some people like to be clever, don’t they Trevor? Cunning plans can be made to self-advance.

Often the full implication of the cunning plan is not considered. The joy of scheming is sufficient and one of the major implications of such plans is the karmic boomerang effect. Some how this phenomenon is rarely included in cunning plans. For whatever reason cunning plans are nearly always blind to this noumenon. Cunning plans are difficult not to launch, because they seem so damned cunning, there is such a temptation.

These cunning plans often have a flavour of “getting away with something”. This may apparently work in the short term, but in the long term that boomerang is on its way back. That return may be decades in the making.

Although cunning plans seem clever, they are rarely wise. Under duress they may be the only option, but that is not when they are most often put into place. Generally, “cunning plans” are of a somewhat petty nature.

Because of the boomerang effect cunning plans can be the gift that keeps on giving…they can require even more cunning to stop the boomerang landing, which creates yet another boomerang.

One can get so cunning that one becomes dizzy.

Brexit was such a good idea that apparently UK exports to Europe are down something like 70% so far this year. Nobody promised us this when they sold us this cunning plan, funny that.