Finished Reading My Grimoires

I have just finished reading that book by Dion. If you look at the post previous you can see that the ritual magic at Universities is not so far removed from so-called occult fraternities. I suspect that it is even stronger at Oxford and Cambridge seeing as the lineages there stretch back hundreds of years. You can get to be a fellow in chemistry, or physics or even THE Royal Society. Most countries have similar fraternities.

People are not aware when they are beholden to group mind or as I prefer to call it clone mind. These collective “minds” turn like a shoal of fish with few stragglers. When many “minds” think similar things that is occultly dangerous, particularly when directed a single being. You may not believe this, but it is true!! It is lethal.

I had been waiting for this to happen. Whenever I write a blog, it becomes a vehicle through which opposition forces start to flow into the house. I may have to pull it down.

I am going to take some strong protective steps when the electrician has left for the day.

In the grimoire there is a technique for sending watchers to directly observe events. According to the nature of the being the practitioner generates an animal like observer(s) in etheric substance and sends it off to observe. These are created out of the blue electric fire. Mine are sourced in y ddraig glas and take the form of tiny blue Celtic dragons. If attacked they are able to defend themselves with fire. They will report back to me.

Again, there is no reliable way of measuring the degree of tongue in cheek here. But if you do see or feel a blue dragon watching you, you know whence it came.

Outside it has gone all white and I have been sprinkling salt. No not into a pentagram silly, on the drive which is steep, to get rid of the snow.