One Man’s View

In the previous post I suggested somewhat obliquely that things have come full circle. Secular reductionist science is now the church of reason, the arbiter of belief and all reality, the unique purveyor of wisdom. Instead of Galileo on trial, it is faith and religion.

Secularism has gone so far that many of the “good” values of all religions have been sacrificed for personal advancement and ambition. Arrogance is not seen as bad. Decadence is socially acceptable. Opining without understanding is OK so long as it concurs with the current dogma. Opine against the dogma and you will be on trial in the hard set fifth ray mind of concrete knowledge. There is no room for anything exterior to the reductionist empirical view. It is not allowed, it is taboo, interdit, verboten. Sounds a little superstitious to me.

I have suggested that being a dick towards me is karmically very bad. And by this I do not mean on a personal level. I mean on a national level!

I could be the only person in the entire world that thinks what has transpired for me and to me by others is of importance. I accept the possibility that I am mistaken in that view. As far as I am concerned, I have done all that I need to do, in making my offering of this opinion. It is not my fault that I am not believed. Nor is my fault that I may be mocked or scorned.

I can warn people that snooping on me is karmically bad. If they go ahead and continue doing this because they know best and are control freaks, I am not responsible for the effects of their actions.

If a sick man does not seek out a doctor, it is not the fault of the doctor if he dies.

I accept the possibility that this is all some delusion of mine. I accept the possibility that I am suffering from lock down mental health issues.

Much of this started back over twenty years ago with various people who were “close” to me. It is a bit of a sorry tale. A tale that forced me into a form of exile in a foreign land, because it was the only way I could afford to live and eke out my days. I came here with a view to try something with people who were willing to try to help out without being all showy and political. People who did not “know best” and were ready to listen without feeling the need to posture and show off.

If I am the only person in the world that holds this view, why should I care. In the fullness of time, I am out of here and never coming back.