Not Rain, Snow

There is a standing joke about much it rains in Brittany. That fact that we got snow and not rain even made it onto France 24. There was about 12cm last night and it is still here now.

I had to clean snow of the sattelite dish to get enough signal.

I am totally and utterly knackered. I have cleaned the 40 metre drive of snow because it is sloping and we are due minus five tonight. Otherwise we will never make it out in the cars. At 57 and with a gammy hip it is quite difficult. There is also the attendant fear of falling and breaking again.

A man and his dog stopped by whilst I was clearing and said that I did not have long to go to finish the drive. A woman driving gingerly down the road did the same. Most of the folks passing were tentative as if they are not familiar with snow.

The wild ducks spent the night on the pond and did not fly away as they usually do when we approached. Tonight it will freeze over and we should wake to some groovy icicles.

Thank God we got the log burner fitted before Christmas!!

The house used to function as two apartments once. This means we are decamped using the second “kitchen” whilst ours is being renovated. This is the winter wonderland view from the window.