vis viva – Chapter 11 Heightened Awareness

Today then has been a day for dreaming and touching long dormant fibres in the fabric of the web of life. Some of this appears to be coming back today. Eric reckons that if we talk about it more will come back and that we may even shift into heightened awareness whilst writing, that is how I used to write poetry he reminds me. It allowed me to use metaphor to bring things back from that other world. Because much has been written about this and there are many highly technical descriptions perhaps we should start from as close to scratch as possible.

If we call the state of awareness which we normally operate in quotidie, then we have a word that can encompass all the awareness we use to keep our day to day world operative. This awareness is used to function on the physical plane, order pizza and do our book-keeping. In this awareness we share the common (well nearly) view of the world and are subject to thought, thinking and the application of “linear” logic and perhaps rationality. This awareness also encompasses our emotional responses, our control dramas and of course our sense of individuating identity that gives a name to this collection of things which animate the organism in which we live. It encompasses pretty much all our doings and that wealth which is inter-human interaction. It is characterised by a certain speed, the speed needed for thinking, talking etc. and is therefore quite slow.

If there is a state of heightened awareness which transcends the quotidie and takes us away from the mundane we might choose to call it alia. I am pretty sure that most adults have experienced something like this state and we all can reach it. The question is how long can we stay in it before the quotidie claws us back into the safety of what, for it, are the confines of the known and “predictable”. How long before we rationalise the experience to such an extent that it explained away as if it didn’t happen. I am going to make a posit then and discuss this in rational space first by use of a hypothetical example.

A mother is pushing her child in a buggy along a canal and is having a bit of a rough time of it as the canal path is uneven and a little rocky. Nevertheless they are both enjoying the spring air; her attention is caught by a moorhen as the buggy goes over a rock. The buggy starts to tip towards the canal and it looks like the child is going in. The mother experiences a sudden quickening of attention and instinctively knows that she has to jump into the canal to catch the baby. She moves faster than she ever though possible and lands in the canal catching the baby before it hits the water. She is then standing there up to her waist in water with a dry baby in her hands and somewhat bemused at how fast she reacted. There had been no time to think. As she climbs out of the water she is already berating herself for not being careful enough and thanking God for her mother’s instinct that saved the baby and beginning to sob with tears of relief and the prospect of the embarrassment of walking back through the village soaking wet.

She has missed the miracle of heightened awareness, alia, which allowed her to operate with such speed. In effect she has just expanded time and perceived with a clarity and speed that left no room for rational thought, she simply acted in alia, there was no doubt only a very direct knowing of what to do, she had tapped on a hidden potential within her.

Have a quick read of the same passage. I have added emphasis, allow yourself to open up to the story pausing a little longer on the emphasised words.

A mother is pushing her child in a buggy along a canal and is having a bit of a rough time of it as the canal path is uneven and a little rocky. Nevertheless they are both enjoying the spring air; her attention is caught by a moorhen as the buggy goes over a rock. The buggy starts to tip towards the canal and it looks like the child is going in. The mother experiences a sudden quickening of attention and instinctively knows that she has to jump into the canal to catch the baby. She moves faster than she ever thought possible and lands in the canal catching the baby before it hits the water.

Hopefully this has had you perceive the situation from a slightly different angle that is more action oriented and it has altered the pace of it in your mind. If this can be done with a few italics what more are you truly capable of?

Reports of people acting as heroes under difficult circumstance are manifold, the heroes afterwards are a little sheepish about what has happened, often not quite believing it themselves. My posit is that people have all had an experience of time changing at some stage in life, where events seem to play out in “slow” motion.

When I was a child my father was driving over a busy intersection with a road joining ours from the left. There was bright sunshine on my side of the car which stopped him from seeing the large Landrover approaching us broadsides. I saw it as it impacted and the side of the car began bending in and towards my legs. I watched the door crumple in and assessed that all I had to do was move my legs to the right because the crumple would stop before they were crushed. I was correct and by the time my body swayed back to the left after the impact the world had speeded back up. The jolt was huge from the impact but no one was hurt. I remember quite a lot of swearing after that.

This type of heightened awareness is similar to the “zone” that competitive sportsmen speak of, it is not quite alia or rather it is the outer fringes of alia.

During my martial arts training I trained at various dojos learning karate, ju-jitsu, hoshinjutsu, shorinji kempo, judo and aspects of akido. What was striking about all this was the difference in teaching styles of the various sensei. Many adopted a linear “learn by rote” method of teaching, standing in line doing endless punches and kicks until such time as the technique was perfect. Others taught in a form of alia and used “learning by doing”, this is as I am told, the traditional way. Rather than learning the intellectual breakdown of all the moves and their confoundingly difficult Japanese names to remember, we were encouraged to feel the techniques and not think them.

Whilst the learning by rote method gave an early apparent success, it became a handicap at later stages; the learning by doing method was slow to start but had no limits. To this day I can remember the things I was taught in alia, all I have to do is shift my awareness, the stuff I learned by rote has all but disappeared. The maxim that in a fight the moment you think, you lose, is so very true.

In practice the sensei who taught in alia would speed up his perceptions so that his motions seemed incredibly slow and deliberate (to him) and we had to do the same otherwise it was a tad painful. He knew instinctively just how far to push each one of us. I can’t remember the name of the techniques I learned, but I can remember how to do them.

This martial arts zone is a little further into alia than perhaps in sport because it has elements of art attached to it. The feats that fully trained martial artists can achieve are quite stunning because of this. Even I was able to train my peripheral vision so that I can use my eyes to get information from around 270 degrees.

This alia then is awareness within us all, it can reach beyond the scope of what of what people perceive in the quotidie and into other worlds. The sense of dimension which we take for granted “there” isn’t and the realities which are perceived are both separate and contiguous to those “here” in the quotidie. Alia is where there are no seams between the dreaming and awareness, it overlaps with the quotidie and allows differing perceptions to be made informing us how to act in the here and now. It is a place that is so completely non rational that it challenges the precious and its core beliefs, to an extent that it can cause panic and fear. This awareness lets one tune into the flow of the universe and begin to map out the fate which the vis viva and the power within had in mind, namely to evolve awareness as a whole through playing our micrcosmic part of the macrocosm. The techniques of dreaming and meditation can help one gain access to this state of awareness, its scope though is vast and there it is easy to get lost.

One can perceive fluctuations in the ebb and flow of the world and directly intuit the death force at work. One has heightened sensitivities to the motives, motions and intent of others. This state of awareness allows one to interpret the flow of the power without through the mechanism of dreaming. One can dream things in, there. In time and at will it is possible to shift from the quotidie into the alia, with as much ease as changing shoes.

It requires a great deal of sobriety to hold extant the perceptions of the quotidie and the alia and function in the dense physical world. It is very difficult to interact in a manner that makes sense to others who have access only to the quotidie whilst in the alia, because of the very non-linear interaction of events that high level of interconnectedness is outside the scope of normal awareness.

Plunging deeper into the alia the world becomes a very strange place indeed and learning what few rules govern it, is a scary experience. Consistent with esoteric thought there are many worlds that we can access whilst still in human form. The temptation of all this is the glamour associated with being able to align perceptions of these worlds because actions in them have real material impact on the dense physical world as we perceive it, bringing with it the added temptation for high adventure and use for power over others. Because of the speed of heightened awareness is different from quotidie what appears to be a long time in alia may be seconds in quotidie or alternatively what appears to be seconds in alia can appear to be a very long time in quotidie.

Exploration of this awareness and mapping it out is part of the potential of humanity, yet many balk at the thought of it and in so doing limit the awareness to res quotidian and the mundane.

The ability of an individual to access this depends upon their level of awareness and that imbued upon them by the power within, to garner new knowledge which enhances the awareness and its vitality. Copious stores of this vitality and a fluid perception are needed to shift between alia and quotidie. Truly the scope of what can be achieved and what insights can be had extends way beyond what one can readily envision.

Eric says that it is worth pointing out that once one realises, that is makes real, the ability to do this, it can become such a cop out from things that need to be done on the physical plane that it can interfere with evolution too. The physical plane events and circumstance act as a script for the evolution of awareness which is best done with both types of awareness. He says that people notice when you use alia, they don’t know what they notice, but whilst in alia you notice that they notice. They may rationalise that they had a weird feeling or some glitch in time. In a funny way he says that it is like operating on a different vibration.

He reminds me that I spent such a long time in alia that I don’t notice the edges any more and that when people first “get it” they really notice the edges and that this transition freaks them out. He says that he hasn’t met many people that can go as far into alia as I can and that the explanations of assemblage point are all well and good; the problem is though, people spend huge amount of energy trying to visualize assemblage points rather than simply shifting into alia.

The description of an assemblage point hooks the quotidie into rationalising something which cannot be rationalised, it just can be done. He also reminds me to warn of the lure of this and that it is possible to get thoroughly lost and bewildered there and have great difficult coming back. He reckons though that I have only really begun to dip my toe into the possibilities there, despite having got my self lost a number of times.

He teases me about my attempts to visualize all the chakras and the assemblage point; then once I had done it; I forgot completely about them, because it was a waste of time.

Who needs chakras or assemblage points when on can access alia direct?