I’ll start this with a quotation from Wiki:

“The Qliphoth/Qlippoth/Qlifot or Kelipot (Hebrew: קְלִיפּוֹת‎, the different English spellings are used in the alternative Kabbalistic traditions of Hermetic Qabalah and Jewish Kabbalah respectively), literally “Peels”, “Shells” or “Husks” (from singular: קְלִפָּה‎ qlippah “Husk”), are the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism, the polar opposites of the holy Sefirot. The realm of evil is also termed Sitra Achra/Aḥra (Aramaic סטרא אחרא‎, the “Other Side” opposite holiness) in Kabbalah texts.”

“In Jewish Kabbalistic cosmology of Isaac Luria, the qlippot are metaphorical “shells” surrounding holiness. They are spiritual obstacles receiving their existence from God only in an external, rather than internal manner. Divinity in Judaism connotes revelation of God’s true unity, while the shells conceal holiness, as a peel conceals the fruit within. They are therefore synonymous with idolatry, the root of impurity through ascribing false dualism in the Divine, and with the Sitra Achra (סטרא אחרא “Other Side”), the perceived realm opposite to holiness. They emerge in the descending seder hishtalshelus (Chain of Being) through Tzimtzum (contraction of the Divine Ohr), as part of the purpose of Creation. In this they also have beneficial properties, as peel protects the fruit, restraining the Divine flow from being dissipated. Kabbalah distinguishes between two realms in qlippot, the completely impure and the intermediate.

Their four “concentric” terms are derived from Ezekiel’s vision (1:4), “And I looked and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it…” The “Three Impure Qlippot” (completely Tamei “impure”) are read in the first three terms, the intermediate “Shining Qlippah” (Nogah “brightness”) is read in the fourth term, mediating as the first covering directly surrounding holiness, and capable of sublimation. In medieval Kabbalah, the Shekhinah is separated in Creation from the Sefirot by man’s sin, while in Lurianic Kabbalah Divinity is exiled in the qlippot from prior initial Catastrophe in Creation. This causes “Sparks of Holiness” to be exiled in the qlippot, Jewish Observance with physical objects redeeming mundane Nogah, while the Three Impure Qlippot are elevated indirectly through Negative prohibitions. Repentance out of love retrospectively turns sin into virtue, darkness into light. When all the sparks are freed from the qlippot, depriving them of their vitality, the Messianic era begins. In Hasidic philosophy, the kabbalistic scheme of qlippot is internalised in psychological experience as self-focus, opposite to holy devekut self-nullification, underlying its Panentheistic Monistic view of qlippot as the illusionary self-awareness of Creation.”


I am not entirely sure that the authors of the wiki page know what they are, yet they do a scholarly job.

If you succumb to using the dark jewels such as disharmony and manipulation it is possible that you destroy whole swathes of potential via the effects of your causal actions. The more you manipulate and then lie to cover up for your deeds, the more destruction and damage you do to the world. The more you inflict.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Desperately trying to spin plates life gets completely out of control and the force and this is the right word, turns back in upon you. Involution.

Manipulate, lie, lie starts to surface, manipulate, lie further, fear sets in, justify, lie starts to surface, manipulate, spin. The Qliphoth are not free, they exact a price. They look good to start with, but boy do they attach and suck vitality, they feed on those so attracted.

They can twist and distort, they can even derange.

It takes a special level of awareness to interact with the Qliphoth without being tarnished, overly tempted and then drawn in.

Orange man was/is a fan of the dark jewels. They have started to hunt him now…he may be a stable genius, but the dark jewels are like Dementors.

If you play with the dark side and are impure, ambitious, and self-aggrandizing there is every chance that you will have your fingers burned.

I can see traces in the web of life, linking several people.  I can hold the lines between them clear in my consciousness, thanks to the dragons. 😉

Only when you have collected ALL the light jewels can you enter and exit the world of the sorcerers at will and without harm…

People are so clever…

So wise..