Quasi Apocalyptic

This morning started off ultra-quiet. We did not hear any cars going by. We got an SMS to let us know our click and collect grocery order was ready.

The flat part of our drive was all Torvill and Dean. In other words, dancing on ice. I am a little bit hesitant because of my fall.  I made my way over to the gate and opened it manually. I walked up the drive and because it was cleared and salted by yours truly it was passable. The steep part of the road in front of the drive looked good to go, it was dry.

So, I got the 14-year-old Clio out of the garage. It is a diesel and I figured low revs are good.

The wife got in and we made it to the salted part of the drive. We set off up the hill.

About 100 yards up the road flattens, our first abandoned car. Now I understood why no cars were passing.

The flat part of the minor road was mostly black ice.  The wife was getting a tad nervous.

We got to the roundabout and there was a tractor, a car stalled and some lads having a smoke. The other side of the roundabout the road was salted.

We drove though the village and people were being ultra-cautious on the pavements.

Then on to the main road at about 60kph.

The slip roads here are not salted. When we got to our exit, there they were about half a dozen abandoned cars, parked on the side. From the icicles they were abandoned last night probably just before curfew.

The people had bottled / were unable to get up the hill.

It struck me that this looked like a scene from a film. In the middle of a viral pandemic a host of abandoned cars. It was pretty spooky. In my imagination is this a harbinger of things to come.

It was quasi apocalyptic.

Any way we made it back and the groceries are stashed. We have had a visit from a fox overnight…

Looks like we are not going anywhere else for a while…