Just Treading Water

Early this morning as I was drifting in and out of sleep, I was trying to find a metaphor for how this pandemic feels. I came up with the notion of just treading water.  This means that many are simply keeping their head above water in the best way they can. Some of course are sinking.

Of late the news has been reporting more and more mental health problems. People are losing it.

I have been getting an increased spam traffic offering various cannabis products.

When all the hand sanitising hit the headlines, I predicted and OCD pandemic. Will there be a surge in PPSD, post pandemic stress disorder?

This long cold spell has probably added to the difficulties people perceive. I have a feeling though that this cold spell is some kind of transition, at the other side of which is spring.

Yes, I think just treading water is a good metaphor for life in our times, just now.