A Murmuration and Four Crows Heading South

After worshipping at the Temple of Rugby last night in what was a nail-biter right to the final whistle. The boys did it, just. We have awoken to the start of the thaw. The cars on the road outside are now going past a normal speed and guess what? It has started to rain, so everything is getting back to normal weather wise.

During the night, near dawn, I was very aware of the presence of my dead father-in-law. He is / was a dreaming Man Behind the Scenes. He brought his wife with him.  I have done extensive Phowa practise for them both at the time of their passing.

When I opened the shutters this morning I was treated to a vast murmuration of starlings swirling all around the house coming from the South initially and landing in the mistletoe laden trees to the North. At the same time four crows flew South directly over my head. I estimate there was in excess of two thousand starlings. The murmuration continued for several minutes and was quite noisy. These things are spectacular. What a treat to have play out around your house!! They went into the field just over the yew hedges to the South and then went on their way.

Then whilst I was boiling the eggs a solitary white gull flew leisurely from West to east. It was so peaceful and unhurried.

We have some omens about things coming out of the unknown. It is highlighting the place of dreaming, the South, and the place of feeling, space, the West. Whenever a Man Behind the Scenes makes an appearance there is some deep unknown at work.

I wonder what is going to transpire…