Dharma of the Day #25 {forest , prāna}

from time to time

go take a walk in the forest

is it a silent place?


find yourself a clearing

sit with your back

up against a tree


clear your mind

and truly listen

is it silent now?


listen even more deeply

can you hear the drums?

that is your blood pulsing


when a bird comes along

look only sideways at it

do not stare!


become quizzical like a bird

turn your head

from side to side, weigh time


put out your hands

palms upwards

now juggle an imaginary ball


don’t drop it!


juggle it carefully

much like a fresh egg

soften each impact


how do your hands feel now?


try to inhale all the forest

through only your nose

exhale slowly, through your mouth


that my friend

is the smell of prāna!

can you also, hear it?


from time to time

go take a walk in the Forest

is it a silent place?