On Echo Beach

A  melange of song lyrics or themes which reveals my age somewhat…;-)

Is this a mash-up?


Love, love will tear us


… … Again


And Major Tom

Needs no longer

Ground control


Floating in a tin can

Far above the world


Done too much

Much too young


And now

Living in a Ghost town


The stigmata of stigma

Attached to me




Washed and perhaps

Cleansed in the fairy liquid

Lever brother’s fulcrum

Of yet another soap


Aletheia, she bathes in my silence

To bubble and squeak

As the strigil of past


Fades away… …. on echo beach


Far away

Far away,

in time


The exorcism and excision

Of phantom and phantasm

Pass now to ground control


Searching for the stones

In the Souls of others

I see them in their hearts


And so very much was lost


These clippèd wings

Foiled and wrapped

In aluminium cellophane


Hardened against cosmic dust

Lest it should become clay

With which to mould a dream


And now I find

Few more words


This town,

Is coming like a Ghost Town


In the harsh neon light of day

The credit card memories

Turn tumbleweed cardboard hopes

Under the flags of, “for sale”


High streets breed pound shops

And the X-factor has lost a generation

To the transience of celebrity

And a quick fuck with a whore


All of my life

I have waited

To be given any word

Screaming to be heard


And now no-one wants to listen

And I have nothing to say…