Masked Robbers Dream 18-2-21

This dream is very unusual for me. I was having one of those nights when I had done so much work yesterday that it was difficult for me to sleep profoundly.

I am sitting on a wooden bench inside a railway carriage. The train is going forward. Next to me in the carriage is a very large heavily built man, dressed as a farmer of days gone by. On the opposite bench are two more men just like him. A fourth one enters the carriage and sits on my right-hand side. He is wearing maroon trousers. I understand them to be four brothers. Although they are dressed as farmers, I understand them to be sophisticated and highly intelligent. They have a sparkle to their eyes. A young girl aged around ten comes and sits near, in the dream she is my responsibility. The man to my left lets a metal mask fall out of his jacket pocket and into his lap. It is “Ned Kelly” style and designed to protect against bullets and recognition. It will fold open and cover his entire head.

The train pulls into a station and the men say that had better be going. They ask the young girl if she would like to tag along; she says yes and goes with them. I know that they are going to rob a bank. They get off. The train pulls out of the station and heads off down the line. It pulls into the next station. The four men and the girl get back on. They are joined by two more men and a young woman. These are also relatives. The young woman holds a mirror so one of the young men can look up her skirt. It is a treat for his part in the robbery. They are all highly strung and very happy. There is no obvious loot.

The train moves off with a party like atmosphere. They ask the young girl what her name is, and she says Carrie, Carrie Fisher. The young man looks this up on the internet and says that this is the name of a famous actress. It is getting a bit strange, so I decide to get off the train. The young girl gets off with me at a very rural stop.

We proceed through a field and we can see that the family has been carving intricate wooden facades to hide a building behind, the work is very extensive. The path in the field leads down through a churchyard and to a turnstile. I know this place. It is only a little bit further and we shall be in a housing estate.

I awake and then try to go back to sleep. I do not manage this easily but when I do.

I am now in an Italian city, on the walls, next to what looks like an archaeological dig. There is a clay relief statue composition containing a strange dog, a mountain lion and various human like figures. The clay is grey and wet. I am standing next to an Italian man, whom I know to be a professor and my “supervisor”. I say that I need to speak with him about continuing my fellowship with him. I have had an important dream which I must discuss. He is a bit irritated because he is busy. I say that it is important. As we are doing this the strange dog gets up and moves away from the statue and then lies back down. It is very sleepy. It remains made of grey clay. As I am talking to the prof my hold all falls open on the floor out of it, we can see my samurai sword and my .357 Magnum revolver. The prof is surprised. He comments that it might be better to have a lower calibre concealed carry. I say no. The point of the Magnum is to make a lot of noise and to scare people. I say that I always carry my sword as a kind of talisman. He says that he will be back in a moment he has to fetch someone.

The young girl from the earlier dream is now barefoot and playing in the wet clay statue. She is very much enjoying it. She likes the feel of wet clay between her toes. She is referring to me as “daddy” when she says how much fun it is. While she is doing this the mountain lion awakes and turns into a real mountain lion. It climbs up on the wall behind me and makes like to attack. I shout at it and it runs off.

While she is doing this, I wander around and see some of the men from the earlier dream going into what looks like fibre optic cable cabinets and retrieving things from there. This is where they stashed the cash.

The prof returns. He has someone who wants to talk about dreams with me. He is a first-year medical student. I go to shake hands and he says that I will be lucky to do that. He proffers me both his arms which are stumps. He has no hands. They are wrapped up in tape. I shake his left stump.

We are to arrange a meeting, but he cannot remember the name of the road in which he lives. It is a busy road, a thoroughfare, I add.  I see a post box which I open. Inside it is a list left by the post man. The address is Flat I Bergamo or Belladono, something Italian starting in Be and ending in O.

Good I am sure I will be able to find it.

The dream ends and I note that these are not like my “normal” dreaming.