The Pace of Change

Last night I was reflecting a little on how quickly things can change. We had the wonderful inclusive London Olympics in 2012 where the UK welcomed the world. Just four years later we had the Fuck Off EU vote, from Olympic spirit to fortress Britannia. Then we had a whole heap of crap about deal or no deal. Now Scottish and Catalan independence movements are again active.

So, the UK has left the EU yet has been kind enough to share its virus mutation, which is now spreading here in France. It has been a weird 14 months or so, I guess we’ll find out where we are apropos of vaccination when we visit the general practitioner next month. I should be pretty high up any priority list (asthma and cancer). Unless I am missing something the hullaballoo about when we will or will not get out of lock down etc. is much more muted here. I have not seen anywhere as much speculation about when/if we can travel abroad on holidays.

The true impact of this pandemic will not be seen for quite a while yet, and it is hard to predict. People are trying to be optimistic but there are increasing concerns about sanity, jobs and student learning. If money gets tight, I could always dust of my high school textbooks, there could be a market for physics and chemistry in English. I could at a push probably do this in French. I can read and understand research papers in French.

I have done near nine hours of sanding by hand in the last 30 hours, some of it up a step ladder. I am very tired. It is quite meditative, I was reminded of Karate Kid; polish on, polish off. The ladder plus a gammy leg is hard work, enhanced fear helps one concentrate.

People are fickle one minute you can be popular and then the shoal, the herd turns direction. You are the sworn enemy. From included to hunt and destroy, from helpful friend to foe, all in a nanosecond.

It is weird the pace of change…