Three Deer and a New Kitchen

We had some visitors yesterday, two delivery men and three deer.

The delivery men delivered our new kitchen.

There is a strong smell of fresh carboard in the veranda this morning. I have handed over the finishing touches of painting to the wife. I did the tile removal, filling and sanding.

I was able to do a little reading for a change yesterday.

We will probably have it ready for Monday morning when the fitter arrives. It is a bit disorienting being without a ground floor kitchen

Yesterday evening the wife saw three deer from the upstairs kitchen, they were up in the “orchard” and along by the far fence. She attracted my attention and pointed them out to me. There is plenty of grass which needs cutting so they are most welcome.

It looked like a male, a female and a relative juvenile. The fence is about 100 metres away from the house and at dusk one can just see. I went outside and the two adults must have hopped over the fence, not so junior. Rather than scare it I went back in.

This morning I found the tracks around by the back of the pond and into the river bed. Junior has rejoined his/her family.

I think I have seen “daddy” before close up, the other side of the fence.

Let’s hope they visit again and I’ll get the telephoto out…