A brief look at vaccines

One of the patent applications from the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products refers to a Sinopharm vaccine grown in Vero cells. These cells originate from the kidneys of African Green Monkeys. If you are really interested there is a Vaccine Tracker Web Site here.

If you nose around a bit Astra Zeneca are involved in production of the Sputnik V vaccine!

There are four types, mRNA, inactivated virus, other adenoviral vectors and protein fragments. There are some DNA based vaccines in the pipeline. The adenovirus vectors are also, if I understand it, monkey ones.

This means that if you are a strict vegan, you did not ought to get vaccinated with these things. OK the Vero cells were harvested a long time ago. Vero “means” green kidney.

It looks like there are several current players, China, Russia, USA, UK, Germany and India. There is assistance from Abu Dhabi, South America, South Africa. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is involved with the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine. Wuhan plays a role in two of the Chinese products.

What happens if the patent applications get granted?

Will the vaccine intellectual property wars start?

I think one thing is certain coronavirus vaccines are big business. A simple estimate, 7 billion times 2 is 14 billion at 10 bucks a shot, is a lot of cash. There is a big market. And if the virus mutates enough there is a need for a new vaccine every year!

First to market is not always the best strategy.

If one was a conspiracy theorist there is plenty to speculate on. I am not one of these. One could see how various theories could emerge. I wonder was the patent application previous for the bat-derived vaccine a part of the cause of the eating bats theory?

I’ll make a prediction, the commercial battleground for vaccines is only just starting to hot up, it will get very “hot”. There will be claim and counter claim.

I suspect that the tried and tested inactivated virus method is not really patentable. I don’t know enough to comment on the others. What happens when a country grants a patent locally? It means that the market is protected in that country. The World Patent Office may not concur with the local ones.

It could get messy…

I have often speculated that Intellectual Property will become a part of what is referred to as Grey Warfare.