Tragedy, Seaside and Patent Application

Because we have been trying to get the kitchen ready for tomorrow’s fitting, we have not left the compound for over a week, other than to click and collect and get DIY supplies. Today we went up to Ploumanac’h it was good to get out and smell the sea. There are some crazy trees and magnificent rocks there. We even saw some human beings and some dogs.

Tragedy has however struck. One of my 15-year-old ProAc Studio 100 speakers has failed. I bought them as a resignation present when I quit my job at Imperial and moved out to the country. The mid-range woofer has been discontinued as a part. I may be able to get a replacement which is broadly similar, the frequency response is a tiny bit different. I already have a reply from a top end HiFi shop in the UK. So maybe I’ll have a working HiFi again soon.

Prompted by my blog post about patents we have revisited my Quantum Optics application.  The fee for examination is ~£150 or 60 euromillions lottery tickets. There is an outside chance that, if granted, there could be some cash in it. It looks like I’ll be on the IPO site tomorrow paying the fee. Or should I go to FDJ?

Fingers crossed by this time Tuesday the new shiny kitchen will be up and running and I’ll have my first experience cooking on a Bosch induction hob. I’ll let you know how I get on…excited, a bit.