Coypu or Otter?

Up early this morning to welcome the kitchen fitter. I went down to the pond in the pre-dawn, the light levels were low. Yesterday I noticed what looked like the skin of an eviscerated toad. So, I am wondering if the otter(s) are back for their springtime toad banquet. As I got close to the pond behind our greenhouse, the three wild ducks took off. I stood close to the wall of the greenhouse and there in the pond about ten metres away something started swimming. It was heading off to “plug hole corner” and to the well-worn track back into Le Jaudy. I saw a small dark object get out of the pond and head down into the river. It could have been either the coypu or an otter. It was too dark to differentiate. We had a pair of otters last year and the coypu is a regular visitor.

I have just been down to check, no fresh coypu poo.

Looks like I am going to set an alarm for tomorrow and research how much an infrared triggered camera trap costs.