Being Avant Garde

Le terme avant-garde désigne, depuis le XIXe siècle, des personnes qui entreprennent des actions nouvelles ou expérimentales, en particulier dans les arts et la culture. Cette pratique s’inspire des idées de la Révolution française et comme elle, n’exclut pas que s’en réclament des personnages installés au cœur du pouvoir politique et hostiles à la société civile.

Dire d’un artiste qu’il représente l’avant-garde, c’est dire qu’il crée l’art académique du futur.

En art, quelques artistes avant-gardistes refusent toute affiliation avec leurs prédécesseurs et se placent donc en porte à faux en refusant tout art antérieur. Le terme est souvent utilisé en art à propos d’artistes qui « seraient » en avance sur leur époque.

Ok so I have been putting up a lot of stuff written by my second ray brother, why is that? Well, it is because the externalisation of the hierarchy, so called, is well and truly underway. It is not the illuminati of the conspiracy theorist. Those striving for world domination and control are already here, they are the materialists who drive the trends behind geo-politics, largely for their own benefit.

I am a part of that externalisation and maybe so are you.

The problem with going first is that it attracts both attention, criticism and gossip! People don’t believe you. You can get crucified for this kind of stuff. If my memory serves me right, I have been crucified, upside down, two lifetimes ago. Not one of my nicest memories!! I can still smell the fires and the oily torches. La Rose-Croix was an honour to wear.

Most of the experiments pertaining to the externalisation have so far failed. I have been in touch with people around the globe engaged in some of these. {Not telepathically, by email!} It is always the petty human personality which is at the root of their failure and that power-thang. Give someone too much power, hand your power over to them and they will fuck you both metaphorically and literally. How many gurus lost it because of the “mind” below the belt?

There is an old African saying, “A warrior with a firm spear does not think clearly!”

People are addicted to power and dominion. This is some seriously ancient shit; it goes way back.

Being avant garde is a shit job, but somebody has got to do it….