An Aquarian Being

I consider myself to be an Aquarian being. I even live at Traou an Dour, place of water. The problem is that if one differs from others, one can have a tough time of it. There are those, whom we might call the establishment, who have a vested interest in things staying just as they are. They like the power, just the way it currently is. I might be a bit annoying to some of them because I am not toeing the party line.

Power and the money, money and the power
Minute after minute, hour after hour


Tell me why are we so blind to see

That the ones we hurt are you and me?

When I say that the externalisation is going on, it is. Behind the scenes and all over the world men and women of goodwill, exist. Thousands of them form triangles in meditation. Many more say the great invocation on a daily basis. People like myself visualise the A-U-M rotating and sparkling in three dimensions, in triangular formation with two of my second ray brothers. I chant the triple cyclic A-U-M in Tibetan deep voice and then sing it across all the registers of my voice including falsetto. I let its sound take me over. I ground the A-U-M in my front room.

People all over the world are working to build the new religion for The Age of Aquarius.

Whilst the summer of love mentality has been mortally wounded by the likes of The Wolf of Wall Street. It surges from time to time like the rave scene of Manchester. I have no doubt that resurgence after resurgence will occur. The youth will eventually get sick of our rapacious and destructive generation.

Before the new can arise so often the old ways have to die. I think it fair to say that humanity is the most morally depraved that it has ever been, with its obsession for image, porn, spin and fatuousness. Friends with benefits? What a brilliant idea, not. We have so-called leaders questioning the very democracy that put them into power. We are in the midst of the first pandemic of this century. The weather is getting weird. It is starting to look a tad “biblical”.

People have deliberately and knowingly resisted me; they may even be doing it now. Many others have in the past schemed against me.

Are we heading for another “Atlantis” like situation?

It could be, but it is a little way off yet.