Some Pretty Strange Places

I have pretty much finished looking through my entire back catalogue of “stuff”. It seems that I have been to some pretty strange spaces/places.

It is beautiful here today, the sun is shining, there is a light breeze, and all the daffodils are swaying gently. The crocuses have started and soon we will be bedecked with wild primroses. The kitchen is very nearly finished. I completed the flooring this lunch time and I am in need of a break from DIY. We will pick up the table from click and collect next week, and there is a little bit of cement work to be done.

It is funny how life turns out. If you had of told me twenty years ago that I would be here, doing this, I would never have believed you. I was set on an academic career of some length, probably not retiring until they made me. I was involved as a “leader” in a Toltec group, a director and co-founder of a spin out company, a lecturer in physical chemistry, a father and a husband. The house next to my old one in Brixton sold for £900,000 in 2016. Ours was sold as part of the divorce proceedings. Chances are it is worth over a million, now.

This house where we are now would be ten times its price in the UK, where we used to live. We have been here two years now, largely isolated from the world, with very few interactions. It has been a bit of a blur. And now we are a year into pandemic.

I am retired at 56 and living on a small pension, in a very large house, next to Le Jaudy, in rural Brittany. Not quite the urban happening of Brixton, no where near as much reggae.

Last night I had very strong images of a couple of people from the Kensington posse. Quite why I keep getting these is hard to know. There was one I once knew well {or thought I did} and another I have never met. It is as if the same old shenanigans are going on, in that distant other world. I do not see what business I am of theirs. Why should I concern them? We do not move in the same circles and it is extremely unlikely that we will ever again do so. Our paths on the physical plane are unlikely to ever cross.

One of the strange places I have been to was at a Maasai village. I was dressed in desert combats and a T-shirt and on honeymoon. The head man and village shaman, who had been to school in the UK for a while, demonstrated a war club on me bringing it down sharply towards my head. He was quite young and had been called home to take over. I knew he wasn’t going to hit me. I was on my shamanics courses at the time. He invited me to stay with him and his tribe. I could share his hut.  We had an instant rapport. I sometimes wonder what might have happened if I had taken him up on his offer. That would have ben quite some nodal point, some radical change.

Life changes at these nodal points and sometimes irrevocably so. The decisions or actions we take, can have far reaching implications which we cannot know beforehand.

Best guess for the future, stay here until the garden gets too much to handle. Downsize, buy a small nanna / grandad flat near the sea.

That is what the physical plane future holds as the most likely trajectory.