back to life

a subtle hint of pink

a yellow daffodil wink

buds are pressing out


the promise of a surge

that flourish, that urge

the springs elastic return


a promise and an oath

fulfilled again


the bulbs light up the bed

brighter than any electric led


the tide hibernal ebbs away

and a first flow of new begins

smell it fresh in the air


soon the green canvas

will be spattered with colour

no more monochrome


the wagtails are strutting

all Saturday Night Fever

and Staying Alive


the wood pigeons coo

sweet nothings into

their loved-up ears


next the thirsty swallows

will dive bomb the pond

to quench on the wing


Mr Electric Blue

the virulent kingfisher

already whizzing around


coming back to life

with a stretch

and a yawn