Powerlase Dream 3-3-21

This is not one dream but a series because I awoke between segments and went back to sleep with the intent of re-joining the dream. Powerlase is a laser company I co-founded over 20 years ago and I have had nothing to do with it for well over a decade, nearly two.


I am in a crowded office with various people from Imperial whom I once used to know. It is absolutely clear to me that there is a vast misunderstanding about why I left Powerlase and that all sorts of rumours are at hand. I explain that a major part of why I left was a personality clash with the CEO and the apparent greed of one of the VCs. This seems to be news to them.

I am walking outside the Powerlase site on some grass and mulling over the earlier segment of the dream. I see a metal pipe, about two inches in diameter protruding out of the grass. The pipe has a bend at the top. The pipe is painted a dark green colour. I touch the pipe with my hand and there is a truly massive electrical discharge between my hand and the pipe. This discharge is accompanied by a brilliant flash and very a loud bang. There is no damage either to my hand or the pipe. In the dream I know that electricity is the dreaming symbol for the nagal, the spirit and that lightning is universal intent.

I arrive at the Powerlase car park in my sports car which looks a bit like a Morgan. I get out and go into the building. I see a secretary there and go towards her. As I do this one of the senior staff is leaving their office. They see me and back off back into the office. I explain to the secretary that no one needs to see me or doing anything because my visit is un-announced. She says that I can email her to arrange a meeting. She is going to get me her card. I notice that she has a piece of toilet paper up each nostril. These are flecked with blood. She says that this is a lasting symptom of COVID-19 which she has had. I talk with her about introversion. As we are doing this various employees come in. Each of them looks at me then looks away so as to avoid my gaze. She shows me to the door.

I am now on my way to my car and see the secretary again. I give her a friendly wave, which she returns. She is on her way back from, the doctors, she has even more symptoms of long COVID-19. I sit in my car which is open topped.  Someone from the company comes out and drops a pair of laser safety goggles in the passenger seat. He says that I forgot them. I explain that I did not go near any lasers and the goggles are the company’s. I do not need them. He retrieves the goggles. Now a small crowd of employees has gathered, and they are looking in the boot of my car. I drive off.

Dream ends.