Vintage Equipment

Thanks to the internet one can find manuals and spare parts lists for “vintage” and even obsolete equipment. We have a sit on mower of ’05 vintage and an electric gate of roughly the same age.

The valve on the mower is playing up a little and the electric gate is getting ever more temperamental.

Whoever wired it in did not do a good job. I neeed a warm dry day to fault find and fix. It looked to have been wired in a rush. Lashings of insulation tape is never a good sign!!

The models of the mowers keep changing and the design evolves, a bit. I am guessing and hoping that the valve is one of the parts that is still available, it is not a sophisticated part.

Near here is a shop called Espace Emeraude, it is a cornucopia. You can source pretty much anything there. With technical drawings the language barrier is not so high.

I guess I am like the equipment, starting to show even more signs of wear and tear.

Got a bit of gout today..