“G” Dream 22-9-20

It is possible that this dream is linked to the one published earlier because of the Italianate feel.

In everyday reality

Yesterday the electricity supply to our gates suddenly stopped working. Our gates are in the South, the place of dreams. I emailed the manufacturer in South Africa for advice. After much investigation I found that the problem was caused by a loose connection in the wiring in the right-hand conduit, which I fixed. I got up around 4am and responded to an email from someone with a Zulu name and then went back to bed. I had the following dream between 6am and 7.30.


The wife and I are in our house one that we have moved into temporarily. It is a bit like our real house in terms of dimensions but very Italianate in feel. G arrives and we have a long conversation stretching far into the night. The sense is that the wife goes off to bed and leaves us to it. Before G and I go off to sleep we put up a cartoon on a free-standing easel, the cartoon is to be a thought for the day.

The next morning G reminds me of the cartoon. It is a suggestion for me not to be so staid and rigid.

G and I go outside and notice that it has rained very heavily overnight. The garden is walled and grand and very Mediterranean. The path around the pond is very wet and red-muddy. The pond is like a mirror of our real life one, but different. It has a plug-hole corner where there is a water outlet. The pond backs onto a river. G and I run out to the pond and towards the river. I have difficulty keeping up with him and say to him that I have not tried running with my broken leg. This is the first time. He slows down. We walk along the path between the pond and the river towards plughole corner. The excess water in the pond is pouring down the plughole. Our jeans are wet above ankle height with the reddish mud, we are carefree.

We walk back to the other corner and I see a commotion on the surface of the reddish-brown muddy pond. I point this out to G and say that some predator fish is hunting. As we near the corner of the pond it looks like there is a turtle chasing fish. The water clears and we can see it is in fact a woman with long dark hair and a white shirt. She has something on her back that looks like it is a turtle’s shell. She is swimming freely underwater and chasing something. She is completely at ease underwater.

Later that day I talk with a tall dark man who is known to G.

The following morning, he is sat in the parlour wearing a dark blue suit. I do not remember him, so I ask him his name. He is called “Issy” or “IsHe”. {ici?} He reminds me that we spoke the previous evening. I say that I had mistaken him for G. This man speaks with a proper, posh, English accent but I know in the dream that he is fully bilingual. The wife gets up and wants to know what he does for a living; He says that he sells pub tables. She presses him “what type of pub tables?  Bar tops, bistro tables or picnic tables?” He replies all types of tables. He used to work in the city but now he is here. He is a close friend of G. He said that they had an intense and long-lasting experience together on a workshop with some dream teacher.

Now G is with us and the four of us move outside onto a covered Italianate terrace with large terracotta pots and numerous plants.

One by one people start arriving. They are all known to G. One of them is a woman who is Spanish-ish. She is called M. She sits down and starts knitting. Several others arrive and after greeting G, they take a seat.

Looking to my right I can see the head of a painted mannequin over the terrace balcony. We go over to inspect. There is large, fully bearded man who is wearing the mannequin on his shoulders. He is Scandinavian. Next to him is a small dark hippy-ish woman who is his “wife”. G knows them well and hops over the balcony to do kissy-kissy with them both.

He hops back. He introduces me to one of the women now seated on our terrace. He says that her husband was killed by a “Nor” on some kind of other world journey.

She says, thinking it will scare me, that she can tell me about the “Nor”. I say for her to go ahead, not much phases me.

In the meantime, a fair-haired woman comes in and greets G. Her name is P. In the dream I jokingly think that this means she will be “trouble”. She kisses G and it is clear that she has a very pucker English accent. She promptly lies down on the floor at my feet (like a dog). I am seated on a chair.

I turn to the collection of people and say that I didn’t know there were so many bilingual people here. They reply that they/we are everywhere, you can’t get away from them/us.

Dream ends

In everyday reality.

Whilst I was writing this down, I went outside and saw two crows flying south-east. They made five caws.

Crows are couriers to power and 2 is the number of humility and understanding sometimes destiny. Five is the need for freedom and change.