Secret Garden / Princess Dream 4-3-21

Here is this morning’s dream, it was very vivid.

I am walking in our current garden as it is and stumble upon a wooden door in a stone wall. The door does not exist in our physical plane garden. I reach down into the pocket of my combat trousers and take out the set of keys. I try the keys in the lock and one of them opens the door. I step through the door and close it behind me.

I am now in a magnificent Italianate garden, with stonework, and beautifully created flower beds. It has the feel of northern Italy, of Lago Maggiore. There are carved stone flowerpots and trellises with flowers growing over them. Up ahead is an ornate building which seems unoccupied, the wooden shutters are closed. I go up to that building and again try the keys. The door opens and I enter. I open the shutters, and this reveals a well-appointed ground floor appartement which now looks out onto the sea. I understand that we own this. It is a part of the property we purchased from Mr T. I think we might be able to rent this out. I might also be able to write here.

I see a door which appears to lead nowhere. I again try the key and it opens on to an ornate staircase. I climb the staircase and there is another well-appointed appartement, bigger and grander than the one downstairs. I find a room laid out with a drawing table, for technical drawing. On it is a very fine white cloth envelope. I pick this up and see that there is a message inside for me. It is written in blue copperplate and I decide to open it later. I look around the apartment and see that Mr T. has left many catering supplies from the party he gave just before he departed.

I hear a knock on the apartment door. I go down to investigate and it is the estate agent who is showing around a potential client. The estate agent is female, my age, and has with her a young beautiful woman with long dark hair. The agent is explaining that because of the pandemic she isn’t doing rentals but if we discuss things with the owner, we might be able to agree on something. I nod in agreement.

I show them to the room where the supplies are. The young woman now has a young boy with her, a toddler. I offer him some chicken crisps at which the woman says no he mustn’t. I find some grapes, and these are ok. He eats a few. The estate agent has left. The young woman kisses me on the lips, and I pull away. I say that I am married.

I spend the night with the young woman in the same bed as her and the boy. I am naked and they are clothed. As dawn approaches, I go to the window and look out over the see. I put on a pair of skimpy underpants which have the word FREEDOM written on them. Out of the window I can see the seashore, the sea and some rocks. I see a bright orange/red blob unfurl its wings like a phoenix. It flies over to near the window. The bird like object lands and amidst the feathers it has the face of a black man. It asks me if I am with “the princess”. I say yes because now I know that that is what she is. He says that all will be well and that I must first come with him.

I go to leave and again the princess tries to kiss me. I pull away. Although I am tempted, I know that to have sex with her is not the reason she has found me. She asks me will I return to them. I say that yes but first I must go.

Dream ends.