Dreaming – Possibilities in the Web of Life

In the Toltec tradition the technique or art of dreaming pertains to the south, the unknown. Some dreams can be seen a possibilities in the web of life, something unmanifest comes into manifestation via the south, power flows that way. Not everything which is a possibility comes into manifestation, some things are metaphorically aborted, a potential remains unrealized, unexpressed.

The other day I had a dream with several doors in, these represent possibility in something which can be seen as possibilities in the web of life, hence I am pondering the subject. I have seen a job that I might apply for, already. It is fulltime. I might inquire if there is any part time work. Given all the laser companies around here there may be some use for a retired laser jock / spectroscopist.

I have mentioned that we have an unreliable electric gate, it is at the south of the property and I have named the gate posts Cecilia and Delia (see previous).

The day before that dream I had a dream in which there was an electrical discharge to a bent pipe. Yesterday whilst I was preparing the vegetables for the stir fry, I gave myself a powerful electric shock. I was wearing a lambswool jumper and making the small motions needed to peel carrots. My arms were rubbing on my chest. It was very dry, and we have high atmospheric pressure. I habitually wear a pair of croc shoes which are electrically insulating. I went to wash the carrot in water and  I touched the metal tap, which is the same shape as the pipe in the dream. The electric discharge was audible and painful. I uttered a traditional expletive sufficiently loudly that the wife who was upstairs heard. She even asked if I was OK.

Which prompts the question: 

Is the dreaming and physical plane reality starting to coincide?