“I” Met Siddhārtha Gautama

This afternoon I have been pondering a little further on implications. Elsewhere in this blog I have written about my “telepathic” contact whilst walking around the Ashridge Estate and mentioned my Bakula dream. The Ashridge contact said that “I” was a very close disciple of Buddha and the dream suggests that “I” was Bakula. The “person” telling me this was a 2nd ray master and the sometimes Abbott of a lamasery in Tibet.

So, an earlier version of “me” four incarnations ago met Siddhārtha Gautama in the 5th-4th century BCE. I may even have shared a chapatti or two with him.

If you think about it and consider there to be some truth to these notions, it is pretty rad. Totally rad in fact.

It is like saying I personally, in a previous life, met Jesus and was one of the apostles.

There are lots of other implications, particularly for those who have ill-treated me.

My Sanskrit-Senzar-Messenger dream suggests that I am by way of a messenger. Unfortunately, I have been “blocked”, unfriended etc. When I ring the doorbell, nobody is home. There is a mat in front of the door saying Unwelcome.  I can’t leave a message because by DHL machine requires a signature.

Of course, if my dreams are just dreams, and I was having some kind of schizoid delusion on the Ashridge Estate, the only implications are for me. It does not matter nor impinge on anyone else. I am just some weird old dude living in rural Brittany.

If you were a betting person how would you rate the odds for each of these two interpretations?

What would be the implications if you got the odds wrong?