Recollections Vary

It is possible that “while some recollections may vary” will make it into the quotations book, it is nevertheless a true statement, recollections do vary.  If they don’t vary then people have colluded to provide an agreed recollection, even practised it.

People rarely recall in a manner that puts them in a bad light, in these pays of PR people tend to big themselves up. There is a polar opposite where people can imagine they have done the worst because they want to beat themselves up. But balanced objective middle ground is rare. I mentioned earlier that I have a mild hypothesis that introvert recall is better than extrovert, because the introvert is not actively wanting and seeking to talk. There is a caveat to that, it is possible for an introvert to have had a conversation in his/her head and imagine that they have actually verbalised.

So, we have another soap opera on the front pages. I find it very difficult to engage with this story. It is a bit boring.

I keep thinking, “what did you expect? Doh.”

Expectations do not match reality therefore it is best not have any expectations.

I have had trouble over the years explaining to people that I have very few if any expectations. They expect me to have expectations and when I don’t, I am not believed. They may recall that I am lying about not having expectations. I would recall that they had trouble believing in the concept of no expectations.


Recollections vary, yup, so they do.