Dharma of the Day 30 {be loyal to your Soul}

do you believe that,

in a world of impermanence,

enemies are actually real?

do you believe loyalties

are intransigent,

in a changing universe?

do you believe that

loyalty and enemy

mean anything, to the Soul?

some words are burdened

with so much emotion,

that they divide and blind

listen to these two,

loyalty and enemy;

are they a part of your vocabulary?

both of these have conditions,

they are trading words.

they are transactional.

is the core of being

really about trading

and negotiation?

What if there is a deficit?

in the monochrome

and black and white

of Enemy and of Friend

is life for you

always, an edgy game

of manoeuvre?

how much time

have you wasted

playing this game?

the mantle of pride

wants always to win

and in so doing, often loses.

is this a coat,

which is heavy to wear,

does it scratch a little?

are you not bored

hopping between squares,

all of your life?

when you leave your meat

will that cleavage

teach you something?

for that divide

is non negotiable

despite a chequered past.

living in boxes

aligned and positioned,

you forget to confront

your own “enemy”

your personality,

your self.

a pinch of honesty

will say

“wake up!!”

life is not binary

Enemy or Friend.

it is a river.

be loyal to your Soul

for that is the only loyalty

you will ever truly need.

the Soul has no conditions,

it does not barter

nor does it trade.

are you listening to it?