Spring “Haiku”

all the birds are flirting

some eyelash coy

others strutting Travolta

they celebrate sixteen

degrees of mercury

at last some warmth

the bursting roses

press out the forge

searching for stars

spring decorates cherries

with pinkest Sakurai

blooming in moonlight

tight hot-pants cyclists

give greetings

to garden gate smoker

he who peers far

into the fields

ever, as pensive as time

warm wine on tongue

sips only the sap

in the spring-ness

water in a font

now starts to bubble

joy sparkles in eye

stretching wings

in the sunshine

the yawns disappear

earth again fecund

irrepressible in becoming

what a bouquet!!

oh so welcome back

my beloved friend

the bounce of spring

footsteps now glide

across the stage

there to glisten

the world again

all sur-les-points

tiptoes forward