Nicely Knackered and Weird Dreams

I am sitting here nicely knackered and having a small sip before I cook tonight’s curry.

Today we chopped some more logs, ready for winter. In an edict from the prefecture, we are only allowed to do noisy things between 10am and midday on Sundays and bank holidays. Today, this morning, we managed to do more than one battery lifetime worth on our newly purchased Stihl chainsaw, so the log shed is slowly filling up. This afternoon we went for a walk along the banks of Le Trieux at Pontrieux. All that standing and walking has left me jelly legged. Which is no bad thing.

Last night in my dreams I had Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock appearing. WTF they are doing appearing in my dreams I do not know and now I am getting some kind of link with HHDL and that lot. There is still some weird stuff going down with the SW7 posse…


Anyway, Wales are top of the table and are still on for the Grand Slam. Ireland have just beaten Scotland so only France can stop the boys…

Cymru am byth….