Echoes in the Dao

I’ll try to verbalize something that I have been contemplating of late and the only phrase I can find for it is “echoes in the Dao”.

There are some events that may seem small, innocuous even, which continue to have a reverberation long after they have occurred. The circumstance, the event flow, continues to echo though the amplitude damps, decreases with each reverberation.

These echoes are not mind made, they are a property of the Dao. A mind made echo is when one checks the calendar and sees the anniversary of something, a death, a marriage, a cancer operation.  These echoes in the Dao come about without the mind checking, they just ripple in out of space. One is given a reminder of something and it starts to pervade into the consciousness.

Some of these echoes, stem from miss takes, where one has not handled a situation well or missed an opportunity. In a sense something which was “fated” to happen, did not and it leaves a kind of hole, a vacuum, in the event flow of the Dao.  This vacancy echoes on in the on flowing Dao.  It can bring to mind the actors and players concerned in the events around the miss take. It offers a chance to revisit and recapitulate what might have happened. The echoes can be opportunities for learning or if not treated in this way, they are soft fishes of regret breaking the calm surface of the pond of inner space.

I have a mild hypothesis that many of the pivotal events of a life are not the big things, but tiny little, innocuous things. Yet it is around these seemingly small fulcrums that an entire life pivots. They are so small that we fail to notice them and hence miss our take on life.

These echoes are almost ghostly, yet they can offer a second bite at the cherry so to speak.  One could re-initiate the circumstance missed to some extent. Because one can never step in the same river twice, it will never be exactly the same, but a similar learning might be found, should one so seek. The trick is figuring out what caused the miss take in the first place and then not doing that which was causal of it.

Another mild hypothesis is that the universe can be very benevolent, offering unto us a second chance to behave differently. These echoes may offer us a new view of our transgressions and a chance to make amends, to atone, to add a little bit of karmic merit. If we are stubborn and waste the universes benevolent offering, it is a second and more serious miss take.

Have you ever felt an echo in the Dao?