Something to Look Forward to…

In a few months’ time, coronavirus pandemic permitting, I am going to be reacquainted with an old “friend” of mine or his French equivalent.

I am due my anniversary colonoscopy in July. This is to check if there has been a recurrence of colon cancer. If you have ever experienced the sheer joy of the industrial grade laxative Picolax, you know what lies in store for me. My gastroenterologist works in Lannion where the Breton virus variant has been discovered, so there could be some doubt in regard of timing for the procedure.

In principle according to the way things are done here, should the procedure show no problems, I will be deemed cured of cancer. I will be a cancer “survivor”, officially.

There is not a lot of dignity involved in the procedure, which might be done here under a general anaesthetic as opposed to a barbiturate / fentanyl cocktail, commonly used in the UK.

All we have to do for now is to ring up and find out how to make an appointment…something to look forward to…