Dissatisfaction and Life Templates

Before I get more deeply into the subject of Karma, I am going to talk a little about dissatisfaction. This is what Buddhists might call dukkha and it is all pervasive. If you look around you do you see anyone who is content, even at peace with where they find themselves in life? Are not most people “after something”?

This grasping for something, perhaps that cure all elixir, underpins life. For most this has material elements, a better job, a new car, more sex, better food or a good night out with the pals. It does not address what is perhaps an underlying malaise, noted but never fully acknowledged, a sort of thirst even an itch. People are forever putting temporary salves on this and yet it never really goes away. If there is grasping, there can never be full satisfaction, for even if the object of desire is attained, then more grasping inevitably follows.

A major cause of this dissatisfaction is the purchase and installation of a Life Template. This is when one buys a ready-made template for life and then tries to fit it to what is actually happening. One might buy the “Successful career, Good husband and Father” template down at the shop of socially accepted templates in the supermarket of life. One then works with that theme for decades only customizing it ever so slightly. All of effort is directed at maintaining that template which one has sold to one’s friends and family. If you don’t stick to that template, they will remind you!

Associated with this template are house, car, kids, annual holidays and delightful family get togethers. Many versions of this template are on sale according to budget.

By trying to fit life to this template dissatisfaction results. People may gripe and moan about this, few do anything to change.

Nowadays we have a whole host of templates. One could be the thrusting career woman juggling corporate success, children and relationships; wanting to have cake and eat it.

People even assign templates to each other and if you do not fulfil the expectations of a template, this causes dissatisfaction for the person who assigned you that template. They then select another more negative template by which they view and judge you. These templates are all by way of an ersatz for reality.

It is by force of WILL that people strive to fit into and propagate, a template. This inevitably causes friction and dissatisfaction. This is by no means the only source of dissatisfaction yet “wanting to have life on your own terms” is a consistent and thematically encompassing overlay which pervades. If you do not get what you “think” you want, you get the hump at life.

Are you living a Template?