Karma and Self Importance

Every being has to confront and hopefully eventually overcome, Self-Importance. This dukkha or burden is common to all of mankind to a greater or lesser extent. Whilst it is current, it induces a myopia and self-centred orientation towards the world; some call this EGO. Under its influence the being imagines incorrectly that the whole world revolves around its wants, desires and convenience. When the evidential circumstance of the world is inconsistent with this, the being “suffers”. This suffering is self induced and is also inflicted upon others.

Caught up in SELF IMPORTANCE the being progresses through life trying to get its own way and exert its will over others. Unfortunately, most only come to have insight or understanding about this quality in manifestation, towards the end of life. It is only then that they can even begin to acknowledge how much harm their self importance has done both to their life and the lives around them. Many of the lessons associated with self importance are therefore autumnal.

As the leaves of a lifetime start to fall and the mind and body age, the bare tree of life starts to show through. It is in this stage of life that many self-important beings first get any sight of and start to own, how their behaviour has manifested. This realization is not possible or evident amidst a busy and hectic life. Yet as the engine starts to rev. more slowly the effects of self importance emerge from under the carpet.

Being an autumnal realisation there is little time to redress that which it is they have done. The slow appearance of understanding can lead to old age melancholy and bitterness. These are not pleasant to experience yet are by way of necessary learning in preparation for upcoming lives. Lifetime after lifetime are beings born to struggle with their own EGO and self importance. It is a lesson which is very long in the learning and because of the nature of self importance, one which so many adamantly resist to learn. They are way too self important to even begin to learn what it does and how to undo it.

The antidote is a realistic humility, and not a faux self important or “put on”, humility. Though many try to play humble, false piety is eventually transparent and God is not gullible.

If you don’t start to address self importance and that which it causes, according to Karma you will be shown some of the effects it has brought in the Autumn of your life.

It makes sense to do the work on self importance whilst you are of relatively sound body and mind. Leaving it to the last minutes in the hope that it will disappear all on its own, is not a wise strategy.

When two self-importances rub up against each other there is conflict. I mean this both at a personal level and in much wider circumstances. At the root of many world or national conflicts, there are opinions and EGOS.

Many of the major Karmic Challenges facing humanity have their root in EGO and Self Importance.

It is not possible to achieve liberation whilst one has SELF importance. This is the law.

Having said this few realize the total debilitation and self slavery, that is slavery by and to the self, with which they are encumbered. Self importance is the master of self deception. It parades as a friend and saviour, whilst in reality it is anything but!

Does my self importance bring me a sense of freedom or am I eternally busy trying to satisfy its whims?