No Phone Dream 18-3-21

I had a short snippet of a dream this morning.

I am in a large hall full of people. It is some kind of academic conference on quantum communication and non-linear optics. The hall is very busy, people are registering for the conference and collecting their lanyards with identity badges on. I sit down at one of the desks to register. Opposite me are two young women and a slightly older man, who is the “boss” of the table. He starts filling out a form on his laptop which will subsequently generate an identity card. He comes to a data entry point asking for a professional telephone number, a home land line and a mobile phone number. I explain to him that I do not have any of these. He does not believe me. He indicates that he thinks that I am taking the piss. I reiterate that I do not have any of these. He cannot progress my registration for the conference because the computer programme requires these data entry points. I ask, “am I therefore forbidden to attend, am I unacceptable?” He looks flummoxed. So, I get up and walk out of the hall.

Dream ends.

*In real life I do not have a land line, nor a professional telephone number, nor a personal mobile phone number. We have a pay as you go mobile which we use as a land line and for security authentication for online purchases. I think that I have probably made less than five telephone calls in the last twelve months and each of these less than a minute in duration. No phone is therefore close to a reality, and in this day and age.

I don’t like phones.