Why Karmic Destination?

This is the opening page from one of my other older blogs.

Each second of our lives we are shaping both the present and the future by our thoughts, our words and our deeds. We are Karma in the act of manifestation. We are shaping our destiny, hence we are engaged in DESTINATION; the act of making destiny.

Each life are we born again into this world to live out a fate which is a part of our destiny; destiny being comprised of all the fates we have.

Our actions have causal links to all that has gone before; they are effected by these causes. Our Karma is the palette from which we paint our lives. We can try to work against this or use it creatively. If we have an unfinished masterpiece we can abandon it in a huff or get busy.

The purpose of each life is evolution and we are born with the tools we need for every life. This is because we choose the circumstances of our birth precisely, in order to fulfill our fate for a given lifetime and in so doing, take one step closer towards our destiny.

Through working with or against Karma we are actively engaged in DESTINATION.