At Least Four Eggs…

Somewhat reassured this morning, I saw Monsieur Canard on the pond when I went to empty out the coffee grounds, he appeared to be chatting to Madame.

Yesterday afternoon they had disappeared. I took my military grade binoculars purchased from a military surplus store and scanned the reeds where I think the nest is. No sign. So, gingerly I walked around the pond to “duck corner” which is out of bounds for the time being. And there in the nest, beautifully made of reeds were four visible duck eggs, which means that there are at least four eggs. I showed the wife, and we are both a little excited.

Wild ducks have made a nest in our garden less that 100 metres from the back door! This is pretty cool. We were worried that we had scared them off with all the chainsaw action, but it looks as though they are both back this morning, with Madame nestled down in the reeds.