Ladies and Gentlemen,

And I use the latter term, tongue in cheek. On the off chance that you are indeed observing me from afar may I ask you a question or two? If that is OK with your mighty and omniscient eminences.

What is it that you hope to achieve through monitoring me?

Do you believe that it is thoroughly justified?

Or does your monitoring smack somewhat of thought police and bullying?

Please talk amongst yourselves because gossip about a distant individual is so very full of equanimity and devoid of any malice or machination whatsoever, obvs. It is a grown up and in no way petty thing in which to engage. How many Ph.Ds. are there on Albert Square, on Ramsey Street?

It is OK and acceptable, to gossip, or is it?

If you want to know where I am at, one of you will have to finally talk with me, full scrotum assumed or imagined. Otherwise, you are left solely with your assumed understanding and your mental {sic} projections as to what is transpiring.

If you can accept that I took a different path from the one that you think I OUGHT to have done, there is no problem.

If you still want to make me “toe your line” then there is a problem. It is not mine; it is yours!

My advice to you is this, either change your behaviours and seek some karmic merit or carry on in your quest for world research dominion.

It is a choice for you and you alone.

I am NOT a part of your equation.

I am gone and if what I have been “told” is correct, I am never coming back…

Let it go, let me go…