The Spice Must Flow…

“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune


No not that kind of spice, this kind:

The first part of my “replenish the spice” Amazon order arrived today, it contains a kilo of Bulgarian ground coriander and two 250g packs of Hungarian paprika, one smoked, one not. They come in lovely little bags that can be used later for other things. I have a kilo of ground cumin on the way. This is all to replensish similar quantities bought last June. So I get through about half a kilo of paprika a year, smoked and unsmoked.

Buying spices in large quantities and storing them in Kilner jars is an economic way to go.

Out here in the wild west it is not culturally all that mixed, so finding big bags of spice is hard, hence Amazon. One of the benfits of the UK was the multi-ethnicity, which means widely varying types of food can be found easily, not so here.

I would in particular reccomend the Hungarian paprika, it is vivid in colour and subtle of flavour.

Looks like some paprikash is in the pipeline…I can’t wait to open up those bags and inhale….but I will have to finish off my older stocks first.