It is Not Customary For…

someone like me, with my background, to have read so many “occult” books, to dabble with Tarot and use the I Ching.

I think that this is a fair and accurate statement.

The followers of this blog {thank you!} are an eclectic bunch across a number of countries, they have from my brief visits to their blogs, wide and varied interests. They don’t seem to be prejudiced against my science background, which is nice.

It is my opinion, that amongst the purveyors of the natural sciences there are a number of taboos. One of the biggest is called pseudoscience, people hold up their noses at it, they look down on it from on high. Usually without having tried any of it themselves.

If you take a look at my I Ching earlier today it is a tad “spooky” it was generated whilst holding the inquiry in mind and shaking and throwing three coins six times. There are 64 hexagrams and numerous sub variants according to lines changing or not. From here in France there is no way that I can say with six sigma confidence that it is/was accurate. Yet my intuition tells me that there is a good likelihood that some of it is applicable. I trust that the I Ching, if treated with respect, can comment in a helpful manner on a whole number of issues. Emperors had soothsayers. I do not think that it can be 100% highly detailed accurate but the look, the mood and the feel is often spot on. It has a kind of “fuzzy logic”.

Many years ago, a scientist friend of mine who was very sceptical about these things, was pooh-poohing. I did a consultation for him about a particular issue. As I read out the result, he became increasingly agitated.

How come this weird old Chinese book was describing a secret problem / issue he was facing so well?

He has trouble getting his head around it and thought I was playing a trick on him, which I wasn’t.

Anyway, I think he bought one. My I Ching is my oldest possession. I have just checked the dates and it is actually older than my Wok bought in Migros in Berne.

Any way the chainsaw and the log pile are calling, and we can start noisy work again at 3pm. The prefecture forbids work 12-3 on Saturdays…