French Trout Fishing Dream 21-03-21

I’ll preface this with some real-world information. Fishing in Le Jaudy has been banned for a number of years because of an environmental “disaster” in which pig sewerage leaked into the river. Last year I noted at least four trout living in “our” section of the river. The levels of the river have been dropping so I have begun looking to see if the trout are still living chez nous. The fishing season has started, and we have begun to see a number of people just the other side of our fence fishing with lures for trout. This morning there was a man and what were, I assume, his boys, fishing in the wild section just downstream of our property.

This morning’s dream was entirely in French, which is a bit odd given my level of proficiency. I have “translated” it.

I am down by the river, on the bridge over Le Jaudy. I see a man with blonde hair walking downstream, in the river, towards our property. He sees me and is a little hesitant. I greet him with a welcoming Bonjour which he returns. He walks down the river onto our patch, and he starts asking me about the trout in the river. I say to him that about where he is standing, we had two trout last summer, one big and one small. Downstream of the bridge I saw two others. He asks if it is ok to fish in “our” section of the river. To which I say, sure. He asks about fishing in the pond. I explain to him that there are only small gardons {roach} and perhaps a few small tench so it is not worthwhile.

He climbs out of the river using the steps by the bridge. He then gives me a very warm hug as if I was his long-lost brother. He is beaming with happiness.

Dream ends…