Chanting Reboot.

I have started a reboot of my chanting practice with Padmasambhāva, and the mantram is to build {re-build} tantric abilities. And no this is nothing whatsoever to do with so-called tantric sexual practices. I am way too old for that kind of stuff.

After my accident and with a new pin in my femur, I had to stop chanting because when I got into it, something weird happened around the steel pin. I have had a few goes at chanting today but have not yet moved out of first gear. My diaphragm needs to be re-trained, and this is a slow process. To ramp up to fifth gear will take a while.

Already I am starting to “see” the tantric web of life and how various beings are interconnected. I was “in” south west London this morning, having a look-see.

The problem with doing too much tantra is that one gets “energised” almost towards the point of insomnia, all that prana is invigorating.

Any tantric practice must be approached with caution in a step-by-step manner.

Call it what you want, tantra, prana, chi, Ki or qi, there are more than one way to charge the metaphorical battery so to speak. Sound is a good one.

We have been hard at it with the chainsaw and the logs. Manhandling a big log of about 50kg onto a sawhorse is good exercise. I have found myself having protein craves, this usually mean that I am bulking up.

Who needs a six pack when you can have a front row barrel?

Nicely knackered, a couple more sessions with the chainsaw and we are good to go for winter.

Oh, nearly forgot, Mr and Mrs Duck were there in the swamp pond today. Although she lost her eggs, at least she is safe. She was quacking a bit to see if she could find some ducklings, to no avail.

It is a bit sad.

But the relationship between them seems sound. They might try again…