vehemently suspect of heresy

Over the last year of pandemic, I have heard politician after politician claim to be following the science and the scientific advice. It has been rolled out as a justification for this and a justification for that. Even when scientists explicitly claim that their advice has been ignored the politicians maintain their claims like a parlour hypnotist.  

Scientists blessed be their names.

It has been interesting to watch the politicians squirm away from difficult decisions because it might affect their popularity, who gives a shit if thousands die.

I don’t know if they, the politicians, understand uncertainty and error bars and I’ll bet the average person will not go to look up source materials. The long-suffering wife has had many a tutorial on statistics over this past year.

Metaphorically I quit the church of reason as a purveyor of degree level physical chemistry, quantum mechanics included. I have hinted at some things in this blog that can be seen as heretical to my former “church”. As a buddhist fame and fortune, reputation and kudos are impermanent, they are illusion. Three of these only exist in the minds of men. Yet research excellence has the creed of measures of esteem, it is measured using unreal things extant solely in the minds of men. My former “church” takes the opinion of others seriously. There is a lot of gossip as to who might be a “mover and a shaker”.

If I express faith or belief in something which cannot be measured to Kelvin’s preferred level of accuracy am I “vehemently suspect of heresy”?

Is nirvana measurable using tools based in electromagnetism?

Can I plot a graph towards enlightenment and then statistically fit it to some equation of satori?

Is proof required AND necessary?

Is proof permanent and real?

Is proof a time varying construct subject to sudden variation?

Does proof exist in the absence of theory?

Is proof a concept that arises out of dependent origination?

Is proof impermanent and also an illusion?

Have we perhaps come full circle and it is now matters of the spirit under the inquiry of the inquisition?