Methinks – A Well Earned Day Off

Since the purchase of our chainsaw on 9th of March we have been at it six days a week. And now some 2.5 litres of chainsaw oil later we have transformed this:

Into this:

The offcuts are up in the middle shed and the stackables are here.

I am estimatimng that we have roughly 5 cubic metres of wood cut into 30cm or smaller lengths.

We identified the next four trees for pruning late Autumn. We will also do the oaks by Le Jaudy.

So this year’s wood cost the price of the chainsaw and the saw horse.

Next years will be maybe the cost of some oil and a fresh chain.

Not bad work for two beings in their mid to late fifties.

A bit too knackered to do anything much today.

It is however a nice feeling.