Is Evil and Old-fashioned Concept?

I am going to make a statement which is accurate, I think, which might not be WOKE.

There is a higher percentage of bastards in the world today, than there has ever been before.

What do you think, is this an accurate statement?

The per capita bastard rate in increasing.

Not sure this one is correct but the prior one is probably true.

Society in the West “accepts” much more variance in lifestyle and life choice nowadays and it can be argued that the moral compass is damaged if not broken. Just think back even 30 years ago, a prime minister would not have been able to bring his unwed partner and illegitimate baby into #10.

The 80s have a lot to answer for in propagating the “greed is good” mantra. People do a lot more shagging around before getting married. The divorce rates are high, there are some pretty convoluted familial circumstances as a consequence.

“Mummy why can’t I have two daddies and two mummies like Jessica has?”

Being vane and selfish, self-obsessed even, seems to be all the rage. People follow profoundly shallow people on social media and become their fans and wannabes.

People talk openly about getting revenge, we have the new “ideal” of revenge porn.

There is a lot of envy and coveting, advertisers like to stimulate this to sell stuff.

People are often looking for the hack, the shortcut.

The Donald the leader of an allegedly Christian country, and he himself a “Christian”, was saying America First. He also told a few Porky-Pies and in the same breath said I will pray for.

{I made a perhaps Freudian slip in the spelling of prey, which I subsequently corrected.}

I was brought up as a lose kind of Christian. Christian as opposed to Abrahamic morals made sense to me. But pretty much all of the above, our progress, is at odds with what I once understood as Christian values.

Do we no longer care what is moral so long as we can shag who/what/when we like?

Revenge, greed and covetousness; are these properties of light or of dark?

Are they in fact slightly evil?

Or is Evil simply and old-fashioned concept that no longer applies / exists in our current “age of enlightenment”?

I am in no way claiming to be an Angel for I am not, obvs.