Parapsychology – Pixie – Dreaming Sequence 30-3-21

This morning’s dream sequence arose by dipping in and out of the dream over a period of about 4 hours, starting at 4 AM.

It starts with a feeling of being constrained, unable to move, which I quite literally shake off.

Then I am exploring some kind of underground facility, it is the remains of a government research programme which has gone badly wrong. On the walls are 1950‘s style group photographs in colour. I presume that they are of the teams involved in the programme. I climb through a hole in the wall and into a chamber. There is some kind of quasi-judicial inquiry taking place. There is a top table and a witness stand. Someone comes up behind me and places a chloroform-soaked cloth over my mouth and nose. I start to struggle. A large voice from nowhere says “Don’t struggle you are here to help with the inquiry, and this will help.”

In the dream I understand that this facility is one where covert research into parapsychology has taken place and that there have been “casualties”.

I wake up and then try to re-enter the dream.

I see a room in which my father and sister are sleeping in separate beds. They have been waiting for me, but I have not come home. I have stayed out all night. I arrive in the room not by the door. This wakes them up. My father says that my bloody mobile phone has been going off. He hands me my phone. {It is my now defunct 16-year-old Sony Erickson, I no longer possess a personal mobile.} He cannot turn it on. I can and see the nine telephone numbers, which in the dream I memorise. I understand that because my sister is present in the dream the MOD are involved {Ministry of Defence}.

We look out of the window into the field nearby, there are a huge number of mightily impressive molehills on the side of the mountain. One of them is moving along the ground and it is inhabited by a crustacean like spider. The molehill itself is mobile.

I awake and drift back into the dream.

I am entering a subterranean tunnel system which is going downhill. On the side of the tunnel is an enclosure full of small fluffy creatures, they are almost spherical in shape. I jokingly refer to them as “orcs”. In the dream I know that I now have a younger but unseen companion who is male. We follow the tunnel, and it forks. We take the left-hand fork, and it takes us up through a Boots the Chemist style shop into the campus at South Kensington. I suggest that we take a look in the library.  We “arrive” in the library and look into a back room. We can see several people who we recognise from the photos at the facility. One of these is a half-caste woman who seems to be in charge. In the dream I know that her name or nickname is Pixie.

I awake and then re-enter the dream.

My companion and I are on an open topped London tourist bus. We are on the top level. The bus pulls up in front of Harrods. We go into the store and to the stairs at the back of the shop. These stairs lead us into the tunnel system. We follow the tunnel, and it comes to a junction from where we can see the enclosure with the “orcs”. I say to my companion that this is the right-hand fork which I saw earlier. The two tunnels are connected.

I awake and then re-enter the dream.

I am now at the tribunal. I can see various members from the photographs and there is an understanding that we are waiting for two cabinet ministers to arrive. The mobile molehill walks in, it looks to be a kind of costume because I can see two human legs in green tights underneath, “carrying” it.

There is part of the room, which is very well lit, where the witness will stand. The judge turns to me and asks me to give my preliminary findings. I say that I have seen two connected tunnels, that the MOD are involved and that many of the protagonists from the facility are seated here. So far, I have not seen Pixie.

On cue she walks in and takes her seat. She asks if I have missed her.

On this she shows me an image, mind to mind, of her and I in which we are both radiant beings and there is an energy flow from me to her. There are lines of light connecting us.

She says that we have worked together lifetime after lifetime because she is attracted to my energy.

She projects images of the games we play apropos of speed. We try to be quick and catch the other unawares. She says that I should look at my forehead. Indeed, there is a splodge of red ink there, like a bindi.  She holds up her right index finger and it is red.

I lift up both of my hands. All of the fingers on each hand are inked green. She knows that I have outdone her this time because I have gently printed green marks of each side of her neck.

 Dream ends.