Avant du Confinement

I have to admit that I am getting more than a little bored with all the Covid coverage in the media. And all this shit about who is doing a better vaccine roll out than who seems markedly petty. {Look my cock is bigger than yours.} Countries are comparing who has the highest per capita viral infestation and placing each other into no travel zones. There is a hell of a lot of “comparison mind” at work, minor differences of well under an order of magnitude are touted as highly significant. I think like others I may have Covid fatigue even Covid apathy. And now uncle Boris has his virus passport stroke of divisive genius. Each New Thought Propels, I know let’s build a bridge between Ireland and Scotland, when the coffers at the Treasury are already empty…

Get vaccinated or no pub for you pleb!

I almost cannot be bothered to get vaccinated, what would it enable me to do that I might want to do? Even if I was vaccinated, I would not change my lifestyle all that much. I am allowed to have one now and have been prompted by the computer system.

Anyway we are soon going to be confined in a particle on a ring like manner to a radius of 10 km which means no seaside trips for a month, so this morning we have been up to the sentier des douaniers on the coast. This is where the customs officers surveyed the shipment of cognac to Cornwall and rum to France. It was brisk and invigorating.

On the way there I played spot the out of canton cars. In France all number plates have a number relating to the department.  In the car park by the sea there were three cars from Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the bottom right-hand corner of France. Part of this has already been in lockdown and the per capita virus infestation is a lot higher than here in 22. So, people are fleeing the plague and perhaps bringing it with them. There were loads of Parisian plates too. After this weekend travel outside the 10 km radius is forbidden. As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive the car is the more likely it is from outside our region. About one third of the cars this morning was belonging to “out of towners”.

Maybe they want to experience the Breton coronavirus variant as well at the Kent one which is heading south from the Pas de Calais? Quite a few more of the shuttered properties, the second homes were open this morning.

So here we go again….